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The wine cellar of Osteria I Rusteghi is truly something to be discovered, with its over one thousand Italian and international labels, refined liqueurs and spirits, and special brews of beer. Just as you would in a bookshop, here you can see the character and the cultural preparation of the tavern’s Host, Giovanni D’Este: professional sommelier with a refined taste who always personally selects each label. The wine list of I Rusteghi presents an exclusive selection of small wine companies with exceptional products so as to offer something special to those who appreciate a good glass and who are curious and wish to discover new products. In fact, if you look around, you will find almost everything you might like to taste: just ask the Host!


I got to know Paolo thanks to Ivan Albertelli (Osteria da Ivan, Fontanelle).

We first met at the Vinitaly Exhibition a few years ago, where I had the chance to taste the wine of Labellanotte and appreciate its quality.

It is a company that focuses on its production process and is eager to develop research to continue improving its product.

Labellanotte is a company that holds many old vineyards and therefore offers a quality niche product.


I met Franco at a Bellenda tasting, where he was presenting his gins.

Here, I discovered that he also produces wines. Tasting the wines from Tenuta Sant’Agata I immediately realized how interesting they were. Here in the Osteria you can find both: his gin and his wine.


When Nicola told me how his wine came to be I fell in love with it!

«During the first harvest, in 2013, a dense snowfall surprised us and covered the vineyard with more than 20 centimeters of snow. Hence the name of the wine, Vin della neu, Trentino dialect for ‘Wine of the snow.’ We started off with 300 bottles, then 440 in 2014, and 600 in 2015. The goal is to reach 2,000 in the upcoming years, but not much more: the total vineyard area in just under one hectare and attention to quality is essential».


I was looking for a wine to insert in our menu that had a good value for money.

One weekend, Marco Pinat from Savognano del Torre in the Friuli Colli Orientali DOC area came to visit and introduced me to his wines. Marco works five hectares of land and produces three wines: Sorelle (Tocai), Ognicost (Verduzzo Friulano), and Massale (Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso).

Obviously, I wanted all three!


I met Roberto through Paolo Benassi.

I like his wines because they are simple: you immediately recognize the Chianti.

He also produces a truly peculiar Merlot and his Vin Santo could not miss in my Osteria!



The line is called Gin Agricolo because, in presenting my project during researches for pure alcohol to be used as a base, I was often compared to some producers of Rum Agricolo. These producers in fact began meticulously checking the production chain to increase the quality of their distillate, finally selecting the best genuine local crus. The name therefore came to me quite spontaneously and I began labeling my bottles as "Gin Agricolo". — Franco Cavallero, creator of Gin Agricolo Evra, Gadan, Blagheur, and Nimium: gins from the Piedmont region that will drive you crazy!


Osteria I Rusteghi is part of VINARIUS, Associazione Enoteche italiane